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Instant Klezmer Band

For intermediate to advanced instrumentalists of all ages. Participants will learn from our personal repertoire of rare and beautiful Klezmer and Hasidic melodies. This workshop will focus on authentic Klezmer ornamentation and style as well as modes and rhythms. Following this workshop the Instant Klezmer Band will be ready to perform on their own or as a special feature at a Sruli and Lisa Concert or Kabaret.

Singer's Workshop

Open to all singers. Singers will learn Hasidic Nigumim– wordless melodies– with emphasis on authentic style and feel. Repertoire will be chosen from the more rare and beautiful Old World Nigunim. We will also teach Yiddish song– with emphasis on phrasing and style.
Following the workshop, the Singers will be invited to perform as a special feature at a Sruli and Lisa Concert or Kabaret.

Klezmer Dance Workshop

Open to all dancers. Expert dance leading to live accompaniment. Some of the great Old World Klezmer and Hasidic dances will be taught with emphasis on authentic style and movement. From the intricate to the simple, dances include "Thread the Needle," a Zhok, the "Patsh Tantz," as well as traditional Hasidic circle dance steps.

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