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Your WEDDING might begin with an elegant cocktail hour, with beautiful background music, followed by the Chuppah or ceremony with a gorgeous and ethereal Bass Recorder and Violin. Your first Hora will rollick with clarinet, drum, violin, accordion and hot vocals– up on chairs for the kozatzke! More background dinner music will follow, we can stroll about the tables, maybe some classic Yiddish song– and then– another hot dance– this one with expert dance leading– the more unusual and truly authentic Klezmer dances--we get everybody up! For the final dance we love the Mitzvah Tantz– the Mezinke or Mazal Tov dance– with the guests circling the Wedding Family– it's a loving and emotional time. We will play until everyone is all danced out! A BAR or BAT MITZVAH might start with a rollicking Mazel Tov leading the guests from the synagogue or service. Then, an elegant kiddush or cocktail hour, with beautiful background music. The first Hora is truly fabulous– clarinet, violin, accordion and drum and vocals– we're gonna get you and your kids up on chairs! Then– while the grownups eat, we get all the kids on the dance floor for some fabulous, hilarious and ridiculously fun games and contests– we make sure everyone wins a prize! Then– another dance, this time with expert dance leading– we get everybody up for some unusual and authentic klezmer dancing. We never run out of energy– we'll play ‘til you can't dance anymore!
"Everyone couldn't believe how fabulous the music was, how you played with the kids, how you made my Bubby love you!"

"I can't believe how everybody danced– you led dances I've never even seen before!"

"You were beyond amazing."

"You're part of our family now!"

"You guys make a really terrific party!" --Geraldo Rivera

Whether your PARTY is in your house or a hall, an Anniversary or Birthday or any special occasion, we will make it sparkle. Background when you need it to be, rollicking when you want it to be, we bring a variety of instruments and program options. We'll get everybody involved– from the littlest children to the wonderful Bubby and Zaide!

Sruli and Lisa will make your Simcha the joyous occasion of your dreams -- at a price you won't believe!

Fabulous DJ PACKAGES available!

A very popular option, Sruli and Lisa's DJ packages gives you the best of both worlds!

Always appropriate, and never too loud, our DJ's come with the very latest in techno-fun and games, prizes and give-aways. Ask about our unbelievably low package prices.

"You guys gave us a fabulous Klezmer band and a fabulous DJ for even less than the price of every DJ I contacted."

"I am so glad-- you provided exactly the spirit that we wanted! Lisa, I was especially delighted by how you engineered such fantastic dancing! You should see my pictures! Thanks also for your DJ-- the kids loved him. It's a great package you provide and I expect there will be many copycats! All our love!"

"I just wanted to tell you they were beyond wonderful...Lisa taught some phenomenal dances that I'd never even SEEN before.. The music was great and they were energetic, lovely people. I'd hire them again in a minute for another party!"

"You made this the happiest day of my life!"

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